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Cheap price steel plate NM500 manufacture price


The company operates Henan metallurgical rolling iron and steel factory all year round, providing steel products for various industries such as ow alloy high strength series, boiler and pressure vessel steel plate, power station engineering steel plate series, steel plate NM500 manufacture price bridge structure steel plate, corrosion resistant steel plate, composite steel plate, high-rise building structure, die steel plate series, steel plate series for shipbuilding and offshore platforms, pipeline steel plate, alloy structure and other steel plates.

NM450 steel plate thickness≦80mm. steel plate NM500 manufacture price, NM450 wear-resistant steel plates are used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, environmental protection machinery, metallurgical machinery, abrasive tools, bearings and other product parts.NM450 Cchemical composition: C≤0.35; Si≤0.70; Mn≤1.70; P≤0.025; S≤0.010; Cr≤1.10; Ni≤0.80; Ti≤0.050; Mo≤0.55; B: 0.0005-0.006; Al≥0.010. Mechanical properties: Tensile strength Rm / MPa ≧ 25; -20 ℃ impact energy absorption (longitudinal) KV2 / J ≧ 24Surface Brinell hardness HBW: 420-480

Phosphorus is a very harmful element in steel plate NM500 manufacture price steel. With the increase of phosphorus content, the strength, flexion ratio and hardness of steel plate NM500 manufacture price steel increased, but the plasticity and toughness decreased significantly. In particular, the lower the temperature, the greater the impact on plasticity and toughness, increase the cold brittleness of steel.

In the past 10 years, domestically-made offshore platform steel has been widely adopted in China's offshore oil projects, and offshore platform steel has gradually developed in the direction of high strength. Relevant data show that the pile legs, pile boots, cantilever beams and other key parts of the jack-up platform require high load. In order to improve the stability of the hull during towing after floating, it needs to be lightweight, and high-strength steel plates must be used.

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