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hot rolled sheet NM500 heat treatment


Large-thickness hot rolled sheet NM500, Z35 grade steel plate is a kind of extra-thick steel plate that is applied under specific environmental conditions, such as the key parts such as the turbine seat ring and guide vane of the generator set. It has high requirements for safety, reliability, and long service life. Develop 200mm-300mm thick steel plate of Z35 level, to ensure that the layer tear resistance reaches Z35 level. 300mm thick Z35 grade steel plate can be used not only in the hydropower industry, but also in the manufacture of other large key equipment, and has broad prospects.

Our company has long been engaged in high-strength wear-resistant plate products of various materials such as nm400 wear-resistant steel, NM450 heavy plate, nm500 plate cutting, and hot rolled sheet NM500 nm400 price. Product specifications are: thickness 8-650mm, width 1500-4020mm, length 3000-18800mm. Products are widely used in the welding and manufacturing industries of containers, trains, oil tanks, and structural parts.

It is very important for an enterprise to have a sound after-sales service system, which not only ensures the normal outflow and inflow of the company's products, but also improves the trust of the company's products in the hearts of customers. Our company has a special after-sales service team and good after-sales service reputation. In case of any problem in the use of our steel products hot rolled sheet NM500 , whether quality problem or not, the after-sales service department will assist in solving the problem as soon as possible, and regularly consult and track the use of the steel products.

Thin steel plate is a kind of steel plate material that is thinner in thickness. Generally, steel plate with thickness less than or equal to 4mm is called thin steel plate. As we all know, the steel products we usually see are also divided into different thicknesses. The strength, performance and scope of application of different thickness steel plates, hot rolled sheet NM500 are also different. Today, we will talk about some related knowledge of thin steel plates, and take you to understand the characteristics and uses of thin steel plates.

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