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Matters needing attention in production process of wear resistant steel plate/sheet NM500


What is the specific use of wear resistant steel plate/sheet NM500, hot rolled plate in daily life? First of all, hot rolled plate is used in bridge, vehicle structure, frame and other fields to play a role of bearing pressure. Secondly, high pressure boiler vessels are also made of hot rolled plates, which can be heat-resistant and airtight, and can stably seal the hot gas in the container. Thirdly, stainless steel hot rolled plate can be used to process hardware products. It has excellent corrosion resistance, and is easy for processing.

Our company's business departments are a group of excellent and hard-working employees, who constantly carry out knowledge updating and steel knowledge training every day, only to provide better and professional services to customers.

Normalizing is a special case of annealing, the effect is similar to annealing, but the microstructure obtained by normalizing is finer. For low or medium carbon steel, normalizing can improve hardness and machinability. For wear resistant steel plate/sheet NM500 medium carbon steel and low alloy steel, normalizing can refine grain and uniform structure and reduce hardness. For high carbon steel and high alloy steel, normalizing can eliminate the network carbide produced by forging and improve the homogeneity of the preparation heat treatment structure.

wear resistant steel plate/sheet NM500, NM360 wear-resistant plates have two wear resistance performance methods: one is high stress wear, and the other is chisel wear. For high-stress wear, NM360 wear-resistant plates require the surface of the liner to have the highest possible hardness to resist the pressure of abrasives. The scope of application of NM360 wear-resistant plates reduces the appearance of embrittlement and falling.

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