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NM400 material specification Iron And Steel Industry Report


CNC flame cutting machine cutting workpiece inspection content, CNC flame cutting machine after cutting, to check the NM400 material specification steel cutting surface, mainly to check the cutting surface no crack, slag inclusion and other problems, the inspection method is generally the use of appearance inspection.

The whole plant covers an area of 18,480 square meters, a workshop area of 9,500 square meters, and a final assembly workshop of 4,300 square meters; fixed assets are 25.50 million yuan. The company has NM400 material specification strong technical force, complete quality assurance system sophisticated tooling equipment and advanced technology. It can provide high efficiency professional equipment and NM400 material specification pressure vessels for domestic and foreign chemical, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, textile, and environmental protection industries.

By Region: data shows that in the first quarter of Asia, crude steel NM400 material specification production was 315.2 million tons, down 0.3% year on year. Crude steel production in the EU region in the first quarter was 38.3 million tons, down 10.0% year on year. The output of crude steel in North America in the first quarter was 29.5 million tons, down 4.0% year on year.

In the use of wear-resistant plate, NM400 material specification, according to the different working environment, the severity of friction and wear is different. Moreover, the wear mechanism is different with different materials and working conditions. The well-known wear mechanisms include adhesive wear, corrosion wear, fatigue wear, erosion wear, fretting wear, impact wear and so on. The corrosive wear of wear-resistant plate refers to the chemical reaction or electrochemical reaction between the workpiece and the environmental medium to form corrosion products.

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