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NM500 wear resistant steel plate equivalent ASME steel


Vanadium is a weak deoxidizer. Adding vanadium into NM500 wear resistant steel plate steel can reduce the adverse effects of carbon and nitrogen, effectively improve the strength, but sometimes also increase the tendency of welding hardening, vanadium is also a commonly used trace alloy element.

Steel plate blanking and cutting operation process: 1. During automatic cutting NM500 wear resistant steel plate, the distance between the two ends of the steel plate and the guide rail should be within 5 after the steel plate is placed on the platform. 2. If it is semi-automatic cutting, the guide rail should be placed on the plane of the steel plate, and then put on the cutting machine. 3. The side with the cutting torch should face the operator. The cutting nozzle should be selected according to the thickness of the steel plate, and the cutting straightness and speed should be adjusted.

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NM500 wear resistant steel plate, Wear resistant clad plates are produced using large-scale medium plate rolling mills and hot continuous rolling mills, so the production efficiency is high and the supply speed is fast. The product format is large and the thickness is freely combined. Stainless steel cladding thickness of 0.5mm or more can be produced. Due to the limitation of the rolling reduction ratio, the hot-rolling production is not yet able to produce clad plates with a thickness of 50mm or more, and it is not convenient to produce various small batches, round and other special-shaped clad plates.

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