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NM550 pdf equivalent steel material price


Wear-resistant steel plate NM550 pdf processing, cutting: can use plasma, carbon arc, grinding wheel saw and other tools to cut the wear-resistant steel plate, cut into the required shape. Bending: can be cold working, bending according to the desired shape, if in the process of bending cracks, can be used to repair the welding rod. Hole cutting: large hole can be cut by plasma, small hole can be cut by electric spark machine.Welding: Welding shall be performed as specified, during which surfacing electrodes may be used.Bolts are strong: the bolt is welded to the base metal of the steel plate, and then connected to the workpiece.

Annealing of NM550 pdf steel plate, the steel is heated to a certain temperature and kept warm for a period of time, and then let it slowly cool, called annealing.Annealing of steel is a heat treatment method in which the steel is heated to the temperature of phase change or partial phase change and cooled slowly after heat preservation.The purpose of annealing is to eliminate the microstructure defects, improve the microstructure, make the composition homogenization and refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties of NM550 pdf steel, reduce the residual stress.

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