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The resistance of factory price NM450 wear resistant sheet price to continue to rise increased


In comparison between steel plates, hot rolled factory price NM450 wear resistant sheet steel plates are generally slightly harder than cold rail steel plates and have lower elongation. In cold-rolled steel sheets, the higher the grade, the softer the steel, the lower the yield point, and the higher the total elongation.

Every customer who has visit us and witness the steel materials before delievry will be impressed by our quality control departemnt. Even not come to inspect the steel materials before delievry, our quality control departemnt will also send inspection report to the customer.

Our company has the ability to produce all kinds of steel structure parts. At the same time, we can design drawings according to the requirements of customers, and process according to the drawings. factory price NM450 wear resistant sheet Heat treatment services - such as annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, quenching and tempering, solution treatment, etc. We can also heat treat according to customer's factory price NM450 wear resistant sheet requirements.

factory price NM450 wear resistant sheet, wear resistant steel plate cutting: plasma cutting, carbon arc, grinding wheel saw can be used to cut large area of steel plate into the required shape. In order to reduce the cold crack of wear-resistant steel plate cutting, the wear-resistant steel plate should be preheated when cutting. The thicker the wear-resistant steel plate is, the higher the hardness is, and the higher the corresponding preheating temperature is. The preheating temperature should not exceed 200.

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