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What is the NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet elongation


After hot extrusion, the grains of the alloy wear-resistant steel plate are significantly refined, dendrites and network structures are broken, and the grain size and the distribution of precipitated phases in the alloy are more uniform to generate Al2Y and Al3Y phases distributed within and along the grain boundaries , The hardness is significantly improved, the mechanical properties are significantly improved, the deformation strengthening effect is more significant, and the corrosion resistance of the NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet, alloy wear-resistant steel plate is significantly improved.

Non-destructive flaw detection of steel plates is a test method for inspecting the NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet surface and internal quality of the inspected parts without damaging the working state of the workpiece or raw materials. Commonly used NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet steel plate flaw detection methods include: X-ray flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic particle flaw detection, penetration flaw detection, eddy current flaw detection, gamma-ray flaw detection, fluorescent flaw detection, color flaw detection and other methods. Physical flaw detection is non-destructive flaw detection without any chemical changes.

Main business: carbon steel plate cutting, round steel cutting, stainless steel cutting, round pipe cutting, NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet, steel structure welding. It can also cut various machine tool side plates, special-shaped parts, flanges, bearing seats, bearing supporting bases, embedded parts, counterweights, rolling stands, cutting squares, cutting circles, etc. according to customer drawings. BBNsteel company has good business channels with major steel mills, and undertakes all kinds of steel plate processing services.

The quenching and tempering treatment of NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet steel plate: after quenching, the heat treatment method of high temperature tempering is called quenching and tempering treatment.High temperature tempering refers to tempering between 500℃ and 650℃.The properties and materials of steel can be greatly adjusted by tempering and tempering. Its strength, plasticity and toughness are good, and it NM450 wear resistant steel plate /sheet has good comprehensive mechanical properties.

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