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What is the composition of antiwear plate steel NM450


The effect of elements in the wear plate on high temperature temper brittleness: chromium, manganese, nickel, silicon, etc. play a role in promoting, while molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, etc. play a retarding role, and carbon also plays a role in promoting. Generally, antiwear plate steel NM450, carbon wear-resistant steel plates are not sensitive to high temperature tempering brittleness, while binary or multi-element alloy steels containing chromium, manganese, nickel, and silicon are very sensitive. The degree of sensitivity varies depending on the type and content of alloy elements.

Participating tenders with clients is part of our antiwear plate steel NM450 business. Every year, we support a lot of clients to win tenders and supply steel materials to their govenment progects or state owned enterprise. Until now, we have built antiwear plate steel NM450 long-term cooperation for many govermental departments of different countries such as Peru, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Qatar, etc.. And we have built certain influence and credibility on the International market.

In the production process of the ironmaking process, the moisture content and air temperature of the ironmaking blast furnace blast have a direct impact on the fuel consumption and fuel consumption structure of the ironmaking process. Blast furnace blast dehumidification is to remove the moisture in the blast furnace blast, eliminate the adverse effects of atmospheric humidity fluctuations on the blast furnace forward movement, and create stable operating conditions for the fans.

Our company has antiwear plate steel NM450 strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced production technology, perfect testing methods, and high quality. It has a Class D (Class I and Class II pressure vessel) manufacturing license, and has passed the China Beijing Quality Center GB/T19001-2000 -ISO9001: 2000 quality certification. We can also supply antiwear plate steel NM450 deep processing service for products antiwear plate steel NM450 like cutting, drilling, bending, welding and grinding.

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