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5000 ton NM500 steel sheet cutting steel plate to Bahrain


The company adheres to the service concept of "you give the order to me and I leave the satisfaction to you". Over the years, our NM500 steel sheet steel products are supplied in time, with reliable quality and perfect and thoughtful after-sales service. Meanwhile, we have huge NM500 steel sheet steel stocks all the year round. The company long-term pursues the principle of quality first, customer first, quality for survival, reputation for development, and perfect service to win the users.

Fake and inferior steel plates are easy to scratch because of the simple equipment of the manufacturers of fake and inferior materials, which are easy to produce burrs and scratch the surface of the steel plate. Deep scratches reduce the strength of the NM500 steel sheet, steel plate. The surface of the fake and inferior material is prone to cracks, because its billet is adobe, which has many pores. The adobe is subjected to thermal stress during the cooling process, and cracks are generated, and there will be cracks after rolling.

Steel prices in Europe are under downward pressure due to temporary shutdowns by auto makers in most of Europe and the disruption of trade flows due to reduced trade activity in the construction and other steel industries. Despite the import safeguard measures adopted in Europe, some key steel prices have reached a three-year low in 2019. At that time, the European market was oversupplied. Despite the import safeguard plan, the imports to the European Union remained at a historical high, and now the NM500 steel sheet and so on steel price is even close to the level of 2009.

NM500 steel sheet, wear resistant steel plate cutting: plasma cutting, carbon arc, grinding wheel saw can be used to cut large area of steel plate into the required shape. In order to reduce the cold crack of wear-resistant steel plate cutting, the wear-resistant steel plate should be preheated when cutting. The thicker the wear-resistant steel plate is, the higher the hardness is, and the higher the corresponding preheating temperature is. The preheating temperature should not exceed 200.

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