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NM450 hot rolled steel plate market price rises


Phosphorus is a very harmful element in NM450 hot rolled steel plate steel. With the increase of phosphorus content, the strength, flexion ratio and hardness of NM450 hot rolled steel plate steel increased, but the plasticity and toughness decreased significantly. In particular, the lower the temperature, the greater the impact on plasticity and toughness, increase the cold brittleness of steel.

Because of its high hardness, high strength and high toughness, NM450 wear-resistant plate is obviously a wise choice for those occasions with serious wear. NM450 hot rolled steel plate, NM450 wear-resistant plate is easy to machine, bend and weld. The high wear resistance of NM450 wear-resistant plate extends the service life of dump truck body, excavator bucket, crusher and similar equipment.

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Normalizing is a heat treatment that improves the toughness of steel. After the steel components are heated to 30-50°C above the Ac3 temperature, they are kept for a period of time and then air cooled. The main feature is that the cooling rate is faster than annealing but lower than quenching. During normalizing, the crystal grains of the steel NM450 hot rolled steel plate can be refined in a slightly faster cooling. Not only can satisfactory strength be obtained, but also the toughness (AKV value) can be significantly improved and reduced The tendency of the component to crack.

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