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The company has created a group of professional staff with good market awareness and service spirit. More than 90% of the company's employees have college education and more than 3 years of work experience in the industry. Our company has a group of senior professionals engaged in international cargo transportation. Through the implementation of modern centralized control management of the NM500 wear steel plate whole system computer network, we can effectively control and guarantee the daily operation of the NM500 wear steel plate.

Classification of NM500 wear steel plate, steel plate, including strip steel: 1. Classified by thickness: (1) thin plate (2) medium plate (3) thick plate (4) extra thick plate 2. Classification by production method: (1) hot rolled steel plate (2) cold rolled steel plate 3. Classification according to surface characteristics: (1) galvanized sheet (hot galvanized sheet, electro galvanized sheet) (2) tin plate (3) composite steel plate (4) color coated steel plate 4. Classification by use: (1) bridge steel plate (2) boiler steel plate (3) shipbuilding steel plate (4) armored steel plate (5) automobile steel plate (6) roof steel plate (7) structural steel plate (8) electrical steel plate (silicon steel sheet) (9) spring steel plate (10) others

In February 2019, the European Union stated that the sharp increase in Turkish NM500 wear steel plate and so on steel imports has seriously threatened steel production enterprises in member states. The EU has set import quotas for 26 steel products and imposed a 25% tariff on steel products imported in the future for a period of three years. The Turkish Trade Ministry said on Friday that Turkey had initiated a lawsuit against the EU on steel import tariffs with the World Trade Organization (WTO).

For NM500 wear steel plate, wear-resistant plate, the change of temperature in production and processing will directly affect the properties of the whole plate, so the effect of isothermal treatment of wear-resistant steel plate has been studied all the time. The results show that the continuous cooling transformation curve, microstructure, phase and similar structural phase of wear-resistant plate also change under different heating temperature.

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