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What is ASTM equivalent of NM400 data sheet and their difference


How much is the price of NM400 data sheet, medium and heavy plate? First of all, there are many kinds of medium and heavy plate specifications, and the prices of different specifications are also different. Secondly, there are many kinds of medium and heavy steel plate materials. Different materials / steel grades have different uses, and the price will also change. Thirdly, we should also look at the manufacturers of steel products and pay attention to the steel grades of different manufacturers, so as to avoid buying poor quality medium and heavy steel plates.

NM400 data sheet, AR400 wear-resistant plate is a special structural steel plate with high wear resistance, and is an important high-tech wear-resistant steel material. After quenching or quenching and tempering heat treatment, AR400 wear-resistant plate has a dense martensite or martensite-bainite microstructure. The thickness of AR400 wear-resistant plate can reach 100mm. The AR400 wear-resistant plate is widely used in loading machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy, electric power and other fields.

The fake and inferior NM400 data sheet, steel plates have no metallic luster and are light red or similar to pig iron for two reasons. 1. Its blank is adobe. 2. The rolling temperature of counterfeit and inferior materials is not standard, and their steel temperature is visually inspected. In this way, rolling cannot be carried out in the specified austenite area, and the performance of the steel plate will naturally not meet the standard.

In the first quarter, NM400 data sheet, crude steel output in Asia amounted to 315.15 million mt, falling by 0.3 percent, with 234.45 million mt produced by China, up 1.2 percent, 24.36 million mt produced by Japan, decreasing by 2.4 percent, 27.5 million mt produced by India, falling by 5.3 percent, and 16.94 million mt produced by South Korea, down by 4.8 percent - with all comparisons on year-on-year basis.

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