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Will NM500 datasheet rust


Medium plate NM500 datasheet products size: 5.5*2250*11550, 5*2200*10100, 5*1500*4500, 6*1750*13000, 5*2700*12050, 5*2700*12050, 6*1800*5500, 6*1550*6000, 9*2000*6000, 5.5*2600*10100, 5*2500*11000, 7*1800*10450, 6*3080*6000, 9*2000*9000, 5.5*2600*11850, 6*3320*5000, 9*1760*7800, 6*3370*4100, 9*2400*9800, 7*1970*7050, 6*3240*5400, 9*1800*10000, 6*3380*4800, 7*2120*6400 and 9*2400*8500.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been closed in recent years, and Pohang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. closed its overseas processing center in Italy, Malaysia, Philippines and India. At the request of the Italian government, all production activities will be stopped except for the necessary NM500 datasheet products. POSCO-ITPC, an Italian stainless steel cold rolling mill near Verona in northeast Italy, is scheduled to close from March 26 to April 3.

Decarburization in NM500 datasheet, wear resistant plate is an important reaction in steelmaking process. During the decarburization process, a large number of carbon monoxide bubbles are produced, which makes the molten steel temperature and chemical composition uniform, and can effectively remove the gas and non-metallic inclusions in the molten steel. Because decarburization can play such an important role, in steelmaking, the average carbon content of furnace charge always exceeds the specified carbon content of steel, so as to oxidize the surplus carbon in the oxidation period.

After heating, a billet is refined for several passes of rolling, then edge cutting and straightening to become a NM500 datasheet steel plate, which is called hot rolling. Due to its high strength, good toughness, easy processing, good weldability and other excellent properties, hot rolled steel plate products are widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, bridge, construction, machinery, pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries.

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